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Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.

Bay No. 21-22, Sector-2,
Sahkarita Bhawan, Panchkula.
Haryana, India
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Functionaries at the Head Quarters
(Right to Information Act-2005)
Sr.No Name of   Officers/ Officials     Designation Detail of work being done in section Documents maintained in the section
1 Sh. G.L. Sharma Chairman Bye-law 25.3  
2 Sh. Bhupinder Singh,IAS Managing Director Bye-law 26.2  
3 Sh. Satish Singla, HCS C.A.O. Overall Administrative control of Federation  
Personal  Staff of the  Chairman
1 Sh. O.P. Chhabra AM(PA) Performing  the duties of PA  
2 Sh. Sube Singh Driver Performing the duties of  Driver Log Book
Personal  Staff of the  Managing Director
1 Sh. Naresh Kumar M (PS) Performing  the duties of PA  
2 Sh. Rajiv Nanda EA To attend phone calls & other work related to M.D. office  
3 Sh. Shiv Ram Driver Performing the duties of Driver Log Book
5 Sh. Jai Bhagwan Peon Performing the duties of Peon  
Personal  Staff of the  Chief Admn.Officer
1 Smt. Janak Dulari AM (PA) Performing  the duties of PA  
2 Sh. Jasbir Singh Driver Performing the duties of Driver Log Book
Admn. Section
1 Smt. Sudershan Devi AGM (Admn.) Overall Incharge of Admn. Section All related files
2 Sh. O.P. Chhabra AM (PA) Court Cases All related files
3 Smt. Naveena Chauhan AM (Admn) Establishment of Prod. Engineering, Quality Control, MIS, Establishment of employees of Mineral Mixture Plant & Training Centre, Rohtak, & P.C. Meeting & Training. All Loans & advances cases. All related files
4 Sh. R.M. Singh AM (Admn) Establishment Of Procurement, Accounts, Admn, Marketing, Store and Purchase ,Dealing RTI cases All related files
5 Sh. Pawan Singh EA (Admn) Dispatch work of the whole office and maintenance of its accounts. Establishment Of all Class iv category employees. Govt. Circulars/ instructions, Assembly duty, Election duty etc. All related files
6 Smt. Sharda Malhotra EA (Admn.) Typing work and distribution of dak in the Establishment Branch.All matters related to ACR, maintenance of leave accounts of the employees.All reports and returns, Organizational Charts, Anomaly cases, Staff structure, Recruitments, Establishment of Hartron employees. All related files
Production & Technical Section
1 Sh. S.S. Kohli CGM(P&T) Guidance to Milk Union. Works relates to Civil, Mechanical, Production and Quality Control, Assisting MD Federation on above matters  
2 Sh. Mahavir Parsad AE (Civil) Assisting to XEN(c) , GM(P&T) and additional charge of Purchase / Transport . All related files
3 Smt. Aarti Kapoor AM (PA) All typing work of civil, mechanical & Production section.  
Planning and Monitoring Section
1 GM (P&M)

Incharge P&M Section:

STEP Projects, IDDP Projects, Strengthening Infrastructure for quality and clean milk production projects, Assistance to cooperative Scheme, Writeup/Presentation on the working of organization, Action Plan/Programme of work for the Federation, Review meetings of the union as well as Govt. level. TIP matters.

2 Sh.Anil Kumar AM (P&M)

Dealing files of P&M section

2 Sh. Sarabveer Singh Programmer To build up data base of the milk unions on various activities viz Procurement , Production, Marketing etc. on daily, monthly & yearly basis and to send reports to State Govt/ Govt. of India/NDDB etc., Preparation of MIS Formats/Output reports.
3 Smt. Sunita Rani Peon Performing the duties of peon
Accounts Section
1 Sh. Dinesh Mahajan AGM(F&A) Audit,Taxation & Govt. correspondence Cash Books, Bank Account, Day Book, General Ledger & other subsidiary ledgers. (Computerized) All types of vouchers. Salary register and other benefits register. Gratuity trust and provident fund record. Income tax/Service tax record. Audit record.
2 Sh. Surinder Mohan M(Accounts) Re-employed Preparing of Salary bill, Checking of TA/Medical Claims, Gratuity trust records, Maintenance of EPF,
3 Sh. Sanjay Soni EA Discharging the duties of cashier, Bank Reconciliation, Bank duty at Panchkula & Chandigarh.
4 Sh. Jaspal Singh EA Checking of all claims of purchase & claims, Personnel claim, Maintenance of ledger, Income tax record of contractor
5 Smt. Meenakshi Devi EA Preparation of accounts vouchers , journal and handling tally system.
Marketing Section
1 Sh. S.S. Kohli CGM (Marketing)
Additional Charge
Overall Incharge  
2 Smt. Nirmal Tacoria AGM ( Mktg) Initiate and deal all cases in respect of – · National & State Level exhibitions. · Revision of Price structure · TPT Charges, Distributor/ Retailer commission. · Preparations of BOD& PC Agenda. · Correspondence of Defence Units for contract of Milk fresh and T. Butter supplies. · Targets for sale of Vita Products for Unions. · Complaints. · Advertisement in Magazine, Newspaper, Radio jingle sponsorship. · Empanelment of agencies and any other MISC matters. All Marketing file, Price structure of milk and milk products, milk booth, milk and milk products distributors list. Targets and sale of milk and mik products of all Unions, Advertisement, BOD agenda, P.C. Agenda. All complaints of Booths, Retailers, Distributors and consumers.
3 S. Balwant Singh Clerk (Mktg.) Receipt of Dak, Keep the record of all files of Marketing Section, Paging, Filing & Photostat for Marketing files; Maintenance of Data Register. Party wise sale entry, Entry's of all payments/Bills of advertisement etc; Targets Register & Maintenance & Misc. Records.