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Faridabad Milk Booth | Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited

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Contact Us

Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.

Bay No. 21-22, Sector-2,
Sahkarita Bhawan, Panchkula.
Haryana, India
Email id: vitaindia@gmail.com, hddcfl@hry.nic.in
Faridabad Milk Booth
Sr.No. Name of District Complete location and Address Name of Booth Allottee Name of Contact person Contact No.
1 Faridabad Milk Plant Gate Self Self 0129-247820
2 Faridabad SEC-2 Sh.Arun Kumar Sh.Arun Kumar 8375880180
3 Faridabad sector-3 Housing Board colony Sh.Bijender Singh Sh.Bijender Singh 9650965500
4 Faridabad sector-3 HUDA Mkt. Smt. Krishna Devi Smt. Krishna Devi 9278814874
5 Faridabad sector-4 HUDA Park Sh.Parveen Sh.Parveen 9873455546
6 Faridabad Sector-7 HUDA Park H.B.Colony Sh. Ramesh Malhotra Sh. Ramesh Malhotra 9953629249
7 Faridabad sector-7 Mkt HUDA Smt. Veena Sharma Smt. Veena Sharma 0129-2311383
8 Faridabad sector-9 HUDA Sh. S.P Kaushik Sh. S.P Kaushik 9911053341
9 Faridabad sector-14 HUDA Sh. Ashok Kumar Sh. Ashok Kumar 9213753139
10 Faridabad sector-15 HUDA Sh.Trilock Chand Sh.Trilock Chand 9990319194
11 Faridabad sector-15 A HUDA Smt. Babita Smt. Babita 9910067739
12 Faridabad sector-16  HUDA Sh.SATYAPAL Sh.SATYAPAL 8053102160
13 Faridabad sector-16 A HUDA Sh.YUDISTAR Sh.YUDISTAR 9416501035
14 Faridabad sector-16 Z Park HUDA Sh. P.K Sharma Sh. P.K Sharma 9910810199
15 Faridabad sector-17 HUDA Sh. Tej Pal Nagar Sh. Tej Pal Nagar 9312238781
16 Faridabad sector-18-II HUDA Sh.PrakashVir Sh.PrakashVir 9312749913
17 Faridabad sector-19 HUDA Sh. Joginder Pal Sh. Joginder Pal 9910899346
18 Faridabad Old Sabji Mandi Sh. Dariyao Singh Sh. Dariyao Singh 9210756630
19 Faridabad sector-21 HUDA Sh. Shiva Dutt Sharma Sh. Shiva Dutt Sharma 9999320111
20 Faridabad sector-25 HUDA Sh. Suresh Kumar Sh. Suresh Kumar 9873868172
21 Faridabad sector-28 HUDA Sh. Tarun Kumar Sh. Tarun Kumar 9818270440
22 Faridabad Sector-30 police line Sh. Jaibir Singh Sh. Jaibir Singh 9213749827
23 Faridabad sector-31 HUDA Sh.Ramesh Dutt Sh.Ramesh Dutt 9968037549
24 Faridabad sector-37 HUDA Sh. Narander Sharma Sh. Narander Sharma 9582479747
25 Faridabad sector-46 HUDA Sh.Ashok Kumar Sh.Ashok Kumar 9991039178
26 Faridabad sector-55 HUDA Sh. Bijender Sh. Bijender 8901583898
27 Faridabad sector-65 HUDA Sh.Girraj Singh Sh.Girraj Singh 9810175865
28 Faridabad B.K Hospital Sh. Sudhir Kumar Sh. Sudhir Kumar 9899920048
29 Faridabad Mujeser MCF Smt. Sukantla Smt. Sukantla 9953864932
30 Faridabad Anaj Mandi Manish Kumar Manish Kumar 8826448170
31 Faridabad  Tehsil Camp Ballabgarh Sh. Shambabu Sh. Shambabu Tehsil Comp
32 Faridabad Fatchpur Biloch Sh. Than singh Sh. Than singh 9953689168
33 Faridabad Tigaon Mkt Sh. Raghubir Singh Sh. Raghubir Singh 9313517186
34 Faridabad MOHNA Sh.Pritam Singh Sh.Pritam Singh 9313628865