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Gurugram Milk Booth | Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited

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Contact Us

Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.

Bay No. 21-22, Sector-2,
Sahkarita Bhawan, Panchkula.
Haryana, India
Email id: vitaindia@gmail.com, hddcfl@hry.nic.in
Gurugram Milk Booth
Sr.No. Name of District Complete location and Address Name of Booth Allottee Name of Contact person Contact No.
1 Gurgaon sector-4 HUDA Sh. M.S Yadav Sh. M.S Yadav 9313333841
2 Gurgaon sector-5 HUDA Sh. Jai Pal Yadav Sh. Jai Pal Yadav 9911845620
3 Gurgaon sector-7E HUDA Sh. Banwari Lal Sh. Banwari Lal 8826261654
4 Gurgaon sector-9 HUDA Sh.Darmpal Sh.Darmpal 9891570331
5 Gurgaon sector-9A HUDA Sh. Ragubir Singh Sh. Ragubir Singh 9278140244
6 Gurgaon sector-10  HUDA(OWN) Sh. Deshraj Sh. Deshraj 8826411856
7 Gurgaon sector-10A HUDA Sh. Dinesh Sh. Dinesh 9818777439
8 Gurgaon sector-14 HUDA Sh. A.D Sachdeva Sh. A.D Sachdeva 8800935151
9 Gurgaon sector-15 HUDA Sh. Ram Kumar Yadav Sh. Ram Kumar Yadav 9891521535
10 Gurgaon sector-17 HUDA Sh. Suresh Kumar Sh. Suresh Kumar 9990842854
11 Gurgaon Sector-23 HUDA Sh. Sudhir Kumar Sh. Sudhir Kumar 9911217710
12 Gurgaon Sector-27 HUDA Smt.Saroj Devi Smt.Saroj Devi 9416556957
13 Gurgaon sector-31 HUDA Sh.Om Parkash Yadav Sh.Om Parkash Yadav 9654369166
14 Gurgaon sector-38 HUDA Sh. Anup Singh Sh. Anup Singh 9212246098
15 Gurgaon sector-40 HUDA Sh. Sumer Singh Sh. Sumer Singh 9711900601
16 Gurgaon sector-45 HUDA(OWN) Sh. Shmsher Singh Sh. Shmsher Singh 9999255211
17 Gurgaon sector-46 HUDA(OWN) Sh. Narender Sh. Narender 9266040746
18 Gurgaon sector-46 HUDA Sh.Kawal Nain Sh.Kawal Nain 8447167805
19 Gurgaon sector-51 HUDA Smt.Bimla Singh Smt.Bimla Singh --
20 Gurgaon sector-52 HUDA Sh.Samunder Singh Sh.Samunder Singh --
21 Gurgaon sector-55 HUDA Sh. Dewan Singh Sh. Dewan Singh 8285583881
22 Gurgaon sector-55-56 HUDA Sh. Jaipal Jakhar Sh. Jaipal Jakhar 9212116939
23 Gurgaon sector-56 Mkt HUDA Sh Mohinder Singh Sh Mohinder Singh 9711900600
24 Gurgaon sector-67(OWN) Smt.Krishna Duhan Smt.Krishna Duhan 9823065983
25 Gurgaon DLF Phase 1,  Sh. Suresh Kumar Malik  Sh. Suresh Kumar Malik 9582769757
26 Gurgaon DLF Phase 1,(OWN) Sh.Hardeep Singh Sh.Hardeep Singh --
27 Gurgaon DLF Phase 3, Sh. Rahul Sh. Rahul 9958834295
28 Gurgaon DLF Phase 4,(OWN) Sh.Hawa Singh Sh.Hawa Singh --
29 Gurgaon DLF Phase 4, Sh. Komal Sh. Komal 8447394926
30 Gurgaon DLF Phase 4, Sh. Chamanlal Sh. Chamanlal 9468459540
31 Gurgaon DLF Phase 5, Sh. Ram Mehar Sh. Ram Mehar 9416050311
32 Gurgaon Red Cross SH. Hari Om SH. Hari Om 9213737724
33 Gurgaon IRB CAMP SH.Pradeep Kumar SH.Pradeep Kumar 9899641830
34 Gurgaon South City 2 Sh. Anil Kimar Sh. Anil Kimar 9899551428
35 Gurgaon Shushant Lok Block -A,Ansal Sh. Shamsher Singh Sh. Shamsher Singh 9711777290
36 Gurgaon Shushant Lok Block -C,Ansal Sh.Rekha Devi Bidhan Sh.Rekha Devi Bidhan 9718440549
37 Gurgaon Palam Vihar Block-A,Ansal(CLOSED) Sh. Dalbir Singh Sh. Dalbir Singh 9873878600
38 Gurgaon HIPA HIPA HIPA 9468306862
39 Gurgaon Police line Sh. Sat Parkash Sh. Sat Parkash 9213053540
40 Gurgaon Suncity Sec-54 Sh Sharda Devi Sh Sharda Devi 9560438763
41 Gurgaon MCC-Bilaspur _ _ 9856203021
42 Gurgaon Sec-4,IMT Usha Devi Usha Devi 9891659230
43 Gurgaon Sec-5,IMT Suresh Devi Suresh Devi 9468459540
44 Gurgaon Sec-6,IMT Shakuntla Devi Shakuntla Devi 9212116939
45 Gurgaon Sec-8,IMT Sandeep Kumar Sandeep Kumar 9560438763
46 Gurgaon SMO CIVIL HOSPITAL(OWN) Rekha Devi Rekha Devi 9891523010
47 Gurgaon Sohna Main Cross MDA Group Nuh MDA Group Nuh 8059103396