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Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited

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Contact Us

Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.

Bay No. 21-22, Sector-2,
Sahkarita Bhawan, Panchkula.
Haryana, India
Email id: vitaindia@gmail.com, hddcfl@hry.nic.in
Milk Union Rohtak
Sr.No. Name of the Milk Producers' Cooperative Societies Village of MPCS Name of the District of MPCS Society Registered or Proposed Average No. of Pourers
1 Kahni Mahilla Kahni Rohtak Regd.  
2 Kahni Kahni Rohtak Regd.  
3 Jassia Jassia Rohtak Regd.  
4 Sanghi Sanghi Rohtak Regd.  
5 Rithal Phougat Rithal Phougat Rohtak Regd.  
6 Rithal Narwal  Mahilla Rithal Narwal Rohtak Regd.  
7 Bhaiya Pur Bhaiya Pur Rohtak Regd.  
8 Ballam Ad M Ballam Rohtak Regd.  
9 Mokhera Shyam M Mokhera Shyam Rohtak Regd.  
10 Balab Balab Rohtak Regd.  
11 M.Rangran M.Rangran Rohtak Regd.  
12 Mokhra K Rose Mokhra K Rose Rohtak Regd.  
13 Girawar Girawar Rohtak Regd.  
14 M.P.Tekna M.P.Tekna Rohtak Regd.  
15 Kakrana M Kakrana Rohtak Regd.  
16 Sundana M Sundana Rohtak Regd.  
17 Sundana Sundana Rohtak Regd.  
18 Sunaria Kalan Sunaria Kalan Rohtak Regd.  
19 M.Jattain M M.Jattain Rohtak Regd.  
20 Garhi Balab Garhi Balab Rohtak Regd.  
21 Kahnour Kahnour Rohtak Regd.  
22 Patwa Pur Patwa Pur Rohtak Regd.  
23 Garhi Balab M Garhi Balab Rohtak Regd.  
24 Patwapur M Patwapur Rohtak Regd.  
25 Jassia M Jassia Rohtak Regd.  
26 Jindran M K Jindran Rohtak Regd.  
27 Gharnavati Ad  M Gharnavati Rohtak Regd.  
28 Kalanour Kalan Kalanour Kalan Rohtak Regd.  
29 Nigana Nigana Rohtak Regd.  
30 Kateshra M Kateshra Rohtak Regd.  
31 Gudhan Gudhan Rohtak Regd.  
32 Kalanour Khurd M Kalanour Khurd Rohtak Regd.  
33 Nigana M Nigana Rohtak Regd.  
34 Bhali M Bhali Rohtak Regd.  
35 Jindran Jindran Rohtak Regd.  
36 Bharan Jindran M Bharan Jindran Rohtak Regd.  
37 Katsera Katsera Rohtak Regd.  
38 Bassana Mahilla Bassana Rohtak Regd.  
39 New Pakasma Pakasma Rohtak Regd.  
40 Pakasma Ad. Pakasma Rohtak Regd.  
41 Rurki Rurki Rohtak Regd.  
42 Baliyana M Baliyana Rohtak Regd.  
43 Assan M Assan Rohtak Regd.  
44 Gharounthi Gharounthi Rohtak Regd.  
45 Chiri Chiri Rohtak Regd.  
46 Nandal Nandal Rohtak Regd.  
47 Garhi Chiri Garhi Chiri Rohtak Regd.  
48 Chandi Chandi Rohtak Regd.  
49 Bainsi Bainsi Rohtak Regd.  
50 Kharak Jattan Kharak Jattan Rohtak Regd.  
51 Gugaheri Gugaheri Rohtak Regd.  
52 New L Majra Lakhan  Majra Rohtak Regd.  
53 Nindana Nindana Rohtak Regd.  
54 Nindana M Nindana Rohtak Regd.  
55 Madina M Madina Rohtak Regd.  
56 Madina Gindhran Ad M Madina Gindhran Rohtak Regd.  
57 Farmana Farmana Rohtak Regd.  
58 Bedwa Bedwa Rohtak Regd.  
59 Bh Surjan M Bh Surjan Rohtak Regd.  
60 Farmana M Farmana Rohtak Regd.  
61 Farmana Ad Farmana Rohtak Regd.  
62 Karontha M Karontha Rohtak Regd.  
63 Bharan M Bharan Rohtak Regd.  
64 Kishangarh Kishangarh Rohtak Regd.  
65 Kheri Mehem Kheri Mehem Rohtak Regd.  
66 Balamba Pana Khas Balamba Rohtak Regd.  
67 Dhamar M Dhamar Rohtak Regd.  
68 Ladhout M Ladhout Rohtak Regd.  
69 Rittoli Rittoli Rohtak Regd.  
70 Kabul Pur Kabul Pur Rohtak Regd.  
71 Saman  Pana Khas Saman Rohtak Regd.  
72 Kakrana Adrash Mahilla Kakrana Rohtak Regd.  
73 Ladhot Adrash Mahilla Ladhot Rohtak Regd.  
74 Sisroli Sisroli Rohtak Regd.  
75 New Bhalemba Ad M  Bhalemba Rohtak Regd.  
76 Bhaini  Bharon Adrash Mahilla Bhaini  Bharon Rohtak Regd.  
77 Mokhra Khas Mahilla Mokhra Khas Rohtak Regd.  
78 Ritoli Mahilla Adrash Ritoli Rohtak Regd.  
79 Bhaini Surjan Bhaini Surjan Rohtak Regd.  
80 Nigana Adrash Mahilla Nigana Rohtak Regd.  
81 New Mokhra Kheri Rose Adrash Mahilla  Mokhra Kheri Rose Rohtak Regd.  
82 New Sisor Ekta Adrash Mahilla  Sisor Rohtak Regd.  
83 New Marodhi Rangran Ad M Marodhi Rangran Rohtak Regd.  
84 Katesra Ad Katesra Rohtak Regd.  
85 Nindana Khas Nindana Khas Rohtak Regd.  
86 Katesra Ad M Katesra Rohtak Regd.  
87 New Kharak Jattan Kharak Jattan Rohtak Regd.  
88 Mokhra Khandyan Mokhra Rohtak Regd.  
89 Bh Bharown M Bh Bharown Rohtak Regd.  
90 Bhaini Bharon Bhaini Bharon Rohtak Regd.  
91 Bhaini Bharon Ekta Mahilla Bhaini Bharon Rohtak Regd.  
92 Sample Adrash Mahilla Sample Rohtak Regd.  
93 Pilana Ad M Pilana Rohtak Regd.  
94 Rewara Rewara Sonepat Regd.  
95 Rewara Mahilla Rewara Sonepat Regd.  
96 New Dhana M  Dhana Sonepat Regd.  
97 Dharana Ad M Dharana Sonepat Regd.  
98 Chhichrana M Chhichrana Sonepat Regd.  
99 Mahara M Mahara Sonepat Regd.  
100 Jasrana Ad. Jasrana Sonepat Regd.  
101 Dhanana M Dhanana Sonepat Regd.  
102 Dhanana Dhanana Sonepat Regd.  
103 Ridhana J Ridhana Jisarthan Sonepat Regd.  
104 Kohla Kohla Sonepat Regd.  
105 Gharwal Gharwal Sonepat Regd.  
106 Banwasa Banwasa Sonepat Regd.  
107 Baroda Baroda Sonepat Regd.  
108 Bhawar Bhawar Sonepat Regd.  
109 Banwasa M Banwasa Sonepat Regd.  
110 Gharwal Ad M Gharwal Sonepat Regd.  
111 Jagsi Jagsi Sonepat Regd.  
112 Gangana Gangana Sonepat Regd.  
113 Ujala Khan Garhi Ujala Khan Garhi Sonepat Regd.  
114 Chhapra Ad Chhapra Sonepat Regd.  
115 Gangesar M Gangesar Sonepat Regd.  
116 Buttana Ad M Buttana Sonepat Regd.  
117 Devi Pura M Devi Pura Sonepat Regd.  
118 Gudha Gudha Sonepat Regd.  
119 Ahulana Ahulana Sonepat Regd.  
120 Devipura Devipura Sonepat Regd.  
121 Barotta M Barotta Sonepat Regd.  
122 Thaska Adrash Mahilla Thaska Sonepat Regd.  
123 Rindhana Ad Mahilla Rindhana Sonepat Regd.  
124 Barorda Thuthan Mahilla Barorda Sonepat Regd.  
125 New Bhanwar Mahilla  Bhanwar Sonepat Regd.  
126 Bhainswan Khurd Bhainswan Khurd Sonepat Regd.  
127 Matand Mahilla Matand Sonepat Regd.  
128 Rebhra Mahilla Rebhra Sonepat Regd.  
129 New Kathura Mahilla  Kathura Sonepat Regd.  
130 New Rindhana Mahilla  Rindhana Sonepat Regd.  
131 Hassangarh Hassangarh Sonepat Regd.  
132 Dhanana Mahilla Model Dhanana Sonepat Regd.  
133 Nuran Khera Nuran Khera Sonepat Regd.  
134 Guwana Guwana Sonepat Regd.  
135 Bhainswan Khurd Ad M Bhainswan Khurd Sonepat Regd.  
136 Ahmand Pur Majra Ahmand Pur Majra Sonepat Regd.  
137 Pinana M Pinana Sonepat Regd.  
138 Guhna Guhna Sonepat Regd.  
139 N.P.Majra N.P.Majra Sonepat Regd.  
140 Farmana G Farmana Sonepat Regd.  
141 Gorad M Gorad Sonepat Regd.  
142 Bishan Adrash Mahilla Bishan Jhajjar Regd.  
143 Bishan M Bishan Jhajjar Regd.  
144 Beri Chuliyana M Beri Chuliyana Jhajjar Regd.  
145 New Dujana  Dujana Jhajjar Regd.  
146 Chimni M Chimni Jhajjar Regd.  
147 Dharana M Dharana Jhajjar Regd.  
148 Chimni Chimni Jhajjar Regd.  
149 Dharana Dharana Jhajjar Regd.  
150 Lakaria Lakaria Jhajjar Regd.  
151 Chimanpura M Chimanpura Jhajjar Regd.  
152 Anita Farm Anita Farm Jhajjar Farm  
153 Chimanpura Chimanpura Jhajjar Regd.  
154 Sheria Ad M Sheria Jhajjar Regd.  
155 Barhana Pana Milwan Barhana Jhajjar Regd.  
156 Bijender Singh Farm Mehrana Mehrana Jhajjar Farm  
157 Behrana M G Behrana Jhajjar Regd.  
158 Charra Charra Jhajjar Regd.  
159 Chhudhani M Chhudhani Jhajjar Regd.  
160 Gochhi Gochhi Jhajjar Regd.  
161 Bhag Pur Bhag Pur Jhajjar Regd.  
162 Dhandlan Dhandlan Jhajjar Regd.  
163 Dighal M Dighal Jhajjar Regd.  
164 Beri Goshala Beri Jhajjar Regd.  
165 Dhandlan Mahilla Dhandlan Jhajjar Regd.  
166 Ahri Mahilla Ahri Jhajjar Regd.  
167 Babepur Mahilla Babepur Jhajjar Regd.  
168 Ruriawas Mahilla Ruriawas Jhajjar Regd.  
169 Nogaon Adarsh Nogaon Jhajjar Regd.  
170 Birohar Mahilla Birohar Jhajjar Regd.  
171 Kasni Mahilla Kasni Jhajjar Regd.  
172 Subana Adrash Subana Jhajjar Regd.  
173 Bhurawas Adrash Bhurawas Jhajjar Regd.  
174 Dkirman Mahilla Dubaldhan Kirman Jhajjar Regd.  
175 Kahri Mahilla Kahri Jhajjar Regd.  
176 Rampura Mahilla Rampura Jhajjar Regd.  
177 Surheti Mahilla Surheti Jhajjar Regd.  
178 Siwana Adrash Mahilla Siwana Jhajjar Regd.  
179 Surheti Adrash Surheti Jhajjar Regd.  
180 Fatehpuri Mahilla Fatehpuri Jhajjar Regd.  
181 Salhawas Adrash Mahilla Salhawas Jhajjar Regd.  
182 S.P.Majra Mahilla S.P.Majra Jhajjar Regd.  
183 Gudha Mahilla Gudha Jhajjar Regd.  
184 Rampura S.C. Mahilla Rampura Jhajjar Regd.  
185 Sasroli Adrash Mahilla Sasroli Jhajjar Regd.  
186 Birohar Adrash Mahilla Birohar Jhajjar Regd.  
187 Sarola Mahilla Sarola Jhajjar Regd.  
188 Kheri Khumar Adrash Kheri Khumar Jhajjar Regd.  
189 Khudan Adrash Mahilla Khudan Jhajjar Regd.  
190 Marot Adrash Mahilla Marot Jhajjar Regd.  
191 Maliawas Maliawas Jhajjar Regd.  
192 Jondhi Mahilla Jondhi Jhajjar Regd.  
193 Subana Mahilla Subana Jhajjar Regd.  
194 Siwana Adrash Siwana Jhajjar Regd.  
195 R.D.Cow & Buffalo Bredding Farm Jhajjar Jhajjar Farm  
196 Sarola Ad Sarola Jhajjar Regd.  
197 Yadav Dairy Farm Palra Palra Jhajjar Farm  
198 Kasni Ad M Kasni Jhajjar Regd.  
199 Bhalgarh Ad Bhalgarh Jhajjar Regd.  
200 Redhuwas Ad Redhuwas Jhajjar Regd.  
201 Ladian M Ladian Jhajjar Regd.  
202 Dhakla M Dhakla Jhajjar Regd.  
203 Dadanpur Ad Dadanpur Jhajjar Regd.  
204 Khudan M Khudan Jhajjar Regd.  
205 Wazirpur M Wazirpur Jhajjar Regd.  
206 Surajgarh Ad Surajgarh Jhajjar Regd.  
207 The Kot Ad M  Kot Jhajjar Regd.  
208 Jahangirpur Ad M Jahangirpur Jhajjar Regd.  
209 Manager Shab Dairy Pharm Jhajjar Jhajjar Farm  
210 Bakra Bakra Jhajjar Regd.  
211 Jahadpur Mahilla Jahadpur Jhajjar Regd.  
212 Krishan Chander Farm Jhajjar Jhajjar Farm  
213 Girawar Mahila Girawar Jhajjar Regd.  
214 Ladpur Mahila Ladpur Jhajjar Regd.  
215 Kashni Adarsh Kashni Jhajjar Regd.  
216 The Khachroli Ad  Khachroli Jhajjar Regd.  
217 Fatehpuri Ad M Fatehpuri Jhajjar Regd.  
218 Kheri Ashra M Kheri Ashra Jhajjar Regd.  
219 The Isarhera M  Isarhera Jhajjar Regd.  
220 The Surkhpur M Surkhpur Jhajjar Regd.  
221 Dhaur Adrash Dhaur Jhajjar Regd.  
222 Goriya Goriya Jhajjar Regd.  
223 Dubaldhan Bidhyan Dubaldhan Jhajjar Regd.  
224 D Majra Bidhyan M Dubaldhan Majra Bidhyan Jhajjar Regd.  
225 Talao Talao Jhajjar Regd.  
226 Kh Khumar Kheri  Khumar Jhajjar Regd.  
227 Gwalisan Gwalisan Jhajjar Regd.  
228 Chhuchakwas Chhuchakwas Jhajjar Regd.  
229 Marot Marot Jhajjar Regd.  
230 Akheri M Akheri Jhajjar Regd.  
231 Dawla Dawla Jhajjar Regd.  
232 M.P.Majra M.P.Majra Jhajjar Regd.  
233 Silana Silana Jhajjar Regd.  
234 Jhajgarh Jhajgarh Jhajjar Regd.  
235 M.P.Majra M M.P.Majra Jhajjar Regd.  
236 Karodha Karodha Jhajjar Regd.  
237 H.P.Kheri H.P.Kheri Jhajjar Regd.  
238 Amboli Amboli Jhajjar Regd.  
239 Rankhanda Rankhanda Jhajjar Regd.  
240 Jatwara Jatwara Jhajjar Regd.  
241 Subana Subana Jhajjar Regd.  
242 Bithla Bithla Jhajjar Regd.  
243 Sarola Sarola Jhajjar Regd.  
244 Babe Pur Babe Pur Jhajjar Regd.  
245 S.P.Majra S.P.Majra Jhajjar Regd.  
246 Matan Hail Matan Hail Jhajjar Regd.  
247 Khatiwas Khatiwas Jhajjar Regd.  
248 Mundhera Jjr Mundhera Jhajjar Regd.  
249 Koyal Puri M Koyal Puri Jhajjar Regd.  
250 Achaij Achaij Jhajjar Regd.  
251 Mundsa Mundsa Jhajjar Regd.  
252 Bhal Garh M Bhal Garh Jhajjar Regd.  
253 Sahlawas Sahlawas Jhajjar Regd.  
254 Mundhera M Mundhera Jhajjar Regd.  
255 Matanhail M Matanhail Jhajjar Regd.  
256 Palra Palra Jhajjar Regd.  
257 Mangawas Mangawas Jhajjar Regd.  
258 Palra M Palra Jhajjar Regd.  
259 Chadwana M Chadwana Jhajjar Regd.  
260 Nangla Nangla Jhajjar Regd.  
261 New Matanhail Matanhail Jhajjar Regd.  
262 Kashni Kashni Jhajjar Regd.  
263 Fathepuri Fathepuri Jhajjar Regd.  
264 Tumbaheri Adrash Tumbaheri Jhajjar Regd.  
265 Dharoli Mahilla Dharoli Jhajjar Regd.  
266 Tumbaheri Tumbaheri Jhajjar Regd.  
267 Dhani Jatusana Mahilla Dhani Jatusana Rewari Regd.  
268 Gugodh Adarsh Gugodh Rewari Regd.  
269 Chinta Dungra Ki Dhani New Chinta Dungra Ki Dhani Rewari Regd.  
270 Dahina Ahir Dahina Ahir Rewari Regd.  
271 New Dhawana Mahilla  Dhawana Rewari Regd.  
272 Gangaicha  Ahir Mahilla Gangaicha  Ahir Rewari Regd.  
273 L.K.Dhani L.K.Dhani Rewari Regd.  
274 Lohana Mahilla Lohana Rewari Regd.  
275 Bathera Mahilla Bathera Rewari Regd.  
276 Ashia Ki Gorawas Mahilla Ashia Ki Gorawas Rewari Regd.  
277 Nangal Mahilla Nangal Rewari Regd.  
278 Bharawas Mahilla Bharawas Rewari Regd.  
279 Malasiawas Mahilla Malasiawas Rewari Regd.  
280 Nangal Pathani Adrash Nangal Pathani Rewari Regd.  
281 Tint Ki Dhani Mahilla Tint Ki Dhani Rewari Regd.  
282 Summa Khera Mahilla Summa Khera Rewari Regd.  
283 Radha Ki Dhani Adrash Radha Ki Dhani Rewari Regd.  
284 Gurawara Mahilla Gurawara Rewari Regd.  
285 Baldhan Kalan Adrash Baldhan Kalan Rewari Regd.  
286 Murlipur Mahilla Murlipur Rewari Regd.  
287 Majra Adrash Majra Rewari Regd.  
288 Tumana Ad. Tumana Rewari Regd.  
289 Bhandor Ki Dhani Mahila Bhandor Ki Dhani Rewari Regd.  
290 Kundal K Dhani Mahilla Kundal K Dhani Rewari Regd.  
291 Bhotwas Mahilla Bhotwas Rewari Regd.  
292 New Rohrai  Rohrai Rewari Regd.  
293 Nain Sukh Pura Ad Nain Sukh Pura Rewari Regd.  
294 Gangaycha Jat Gangaycha Jat Rewari Regd.  
295 New Nahar Mahilla  Nahar Rewari Regd.  
296 Punishka M Punishka Rewari Regd.  
297 Dharmender Dairy Farm Kosli Rewari Farm  
298 Navdeep Farm Kosli Rewari Farm  
299 Mumtajpur Ad Mumtajpur Rewari Regd.  
300 Ghasera Mahila Ghasera Rewari Regd.  
301 Rasuli Mahila Rasuli Rewari Regd.  
302 Bhandor Mahila Bhandor Rewari Regd.  
303 Jadra M Jadra Rewari Regd.  
304 Kanharwas M Kanharwas Rewari Regd.  
305 Jainabad M Jainabad Rewari Regd.  
306 Berli Kalan M Berli Kalan Rewari Regd.  
307 Husanpur M Husanpur Rewari Regd.  
308 Khera Aalampur M Khera Aalampur Rewari Regd.  
309 New Bhotwas  Bhotwas Rewari Regd.  
310 Babrouli Babrouli Rewari Regd.  
311 Surehli Surehli Rewari Regd.  
312 Ganwari Ganwari Rewari Regd.  
313 Gugodh Gugodh Rewari Regd.  
314 Bhurthla Bhurthla Rewari Regd.  
315 Babrouli Ad Babrouli Rewari Regd.  
316 Sadat Nagar Sadat Nagar Rewari Regd.  
317 Nangal Pathani Nangal Pathani Rewari Regd.  
318 Sadat Nagar M Sadat Nagar Rewari Regd.  
319 Bawwa Ad. Bawwa Rewari Regd.  
320 Bawwa R Bawwa Rewari Regd.  
321 Sudhrana  Ad M Sudhrana  Rewari Regd.  
322 Karouli New Karouli Rewari Regd.  
323 Lissan New Lissan Rewari Regd.  
324 Kaluwas Kaluwas Rewari Regd.  
325 New Gurwara  Gurwara Rewari Regd.  
326 Koharar New Koharar Rewari Regd.  
327 Dhaina M Dhaina Rewari Regd.  
328 Bhotwas Bhondu Bhotwas Bhondu Rewari Regd.  
329 Gopalpur Gaji Ad Gopalpur Gaji Rewari Regd.  
330 Baldhan Khurd Baldhan Khurd Rewari Regd.  
331 Chowki No 2 Chowki No 2 Rewari Regd.  
332 Gulabpura Gulabpura Rewari Regd.  
333 Luhana Luhana Rewari Regd.  
334 Dhawana M Dhawana Rewari Regd.  
335 Nimoth M Nimoth Rewari Regd.  
336 Luhana Ad Luhana Rewari Regd.  
337 Dedouli Dedouli Rewari Regd.  
338 Radha Ki Dh Radha Ki Dh Rewari Regd.  
339 Harji Pur Harji Pur Rewari Regd.  
340 Gothra Ad Gothra Rewari Regd.  
341 Khaleta Khaleta Rewari Regd.  
342 Tint Tint Rewari Regd.  
343 Khaleta Ki Dh Khaleta Ki Dh Rewari Regd.  
344 Pali Pali Rewari Regd.  
345 Harjipur Ad Harjipur Rewari Regd.  
346 Kundal M Kundal Rewari Regd.  
347 Biharipur Biharipur Rewari Regd.  
348 Haluhera Haluhera Rewari Regd.  
349 Usmapur M Usmapur Rewari Regd.  
350 Ahmadpur Partal Ahmadpur Partal Rewari Regd.  
351 Bhuriyawas Bhuriyawas Rewari Regd.  
352 Gudyani New Gudyani Rewari Regd.  
353 Jatusana Jatusana Rewari Regd.  
354 Katopuri Katopuri Rewari Regd.  
355 Mohdipur Mohdipur Rewari Regd.  
356 Rojhuwas Rojhuwas Rewari Regd.  
357 Gudiyani R Gudiyani Rewari Regd.  
358 Chavva Chavva Rewari Regd.  
359 New Kosli  Kosli Rewari Regd.  
360 Jhall Jhall Rewari Regd.  
361 Juddi Juddi Rewari Regd.  
362 Koharar Koharar Rewari Regd.  
363 Bharownpur Ad Bharownpur Rewari Regd.  
364 Surkhpur Surkhpur Rewari Regd.  
365 Mumtajpur Mumtajpur Rewari Regd.  
366 Summa Khera Summa Khera Rewari Regd.  
367 Kulana Ki Dhani Adrash Kulana Ki Dhani Rewari Regd.  
368 Mohmadpur Mohmadpur Mohindergarh Regd.  
369 Katkai Katkai Mohindergarh Regd.  
370 Silar Pur Ad Silar Pur Mohindergarh Regd.  
371 Barkoda M Barkoda Mohindergarh Regd.  
372 Kurvata M Kurvata Mohindergarh Regd.  
373 Gari Ruthal M Gari Ruthal Mohindergarh Regd.  
374 Nanagwas Nanagwas Mohindergarh Regd.  
375 Kothal Khurd Kothal Khurd Mohindergarh Regd.  
376 New Nangal Har Nath Ad  Nangal Har Nath Mohindergarh Regd.  
377 Dhani Harsukh M Dhani Harsukh Mohindergarh Regd.  
378 Nuni Awal Nuni Awal Mohindergarh Regd.  
379 Madlana M Madlana Mohindergarh Regd.  
380 Khampur Khampur Mohindergarh Regd.  
381 Azam  Nagar Mahilla Azam  Nagar Mohindergarh Regd.  
382 God Ad God Mohindergarh Regd.  
383 Balawa Ad Balawa Mohindergarh Regd.  
384 N Balwa Kl  Balwa Mohindergarh Regd.  
385 Basir Pur Basir Pur Mohindergarh Regd.  
386 Karotha  Mahilla Karotha Mohindergarh Regd.  
387 Patikara Mahilla Patikara Mohindergarh Regd.  
388 Karira Karira Mohindergarh Regd.  
389 Dogli Dogli Mohindergarh Propose  
390 Patikara Patikara Mohindergarh Regd.  
391 Seka Seka Mohindergarh Regd.  
392 Dh Nangal Shalu Dh Nangal Shalu Mohindergarh Propose  
393 Rasulpur Dhani Rasulpur Dhani Mohindergarh Regd.  
394 Khayradhm Khayradhm Mohindergarh Regd.  
395 Devrali Devrali Mohindergarh Propose  
396 Balaych Dhani Balaych Dhani Mohindergarh Propose  
397 Budin Dhani Budin Dhani Mohindergarh Propose  
398 Meghot Hala Ad Meghot Hala Ad Mohindergarh Propose  
399 Dohar Kalan Ad Dohar Kalan Mohindergarh Propose  
400 Nangal Dargu Nangal Dargu Mohindergarh Propose  
401 Rathiwas Rathiwas Mohindergarh Propose  
402 Dalanwas Dhani M Dalanwas Dhani Mohindergarh Propose  
403 Duloth Ahir Dhani Duloth Ahir Dhani Mohindergarh Propose  
404 New Katkai  Katkai Mohindergarh Propose  
405 Manoj Farm Kanina Mohindergarh Regd.  
406 New Darouli Jat  Darouli Jat Mohindergarh Propose  
407 New Darouli Ahir Ad Darouli Ahir Mohindergarh Propose  
408 New Khaspur M  Khaspur Mohindergarh Propose  
409 Nangal Sirohi Ad M Nangal Sirohi Mohindergarh Regd.  
410 Raghunathpura M Raghunathpura Mohindergarh Regd.  
411 Dohar Khurd Dohar Khurd Mohindergarh Propose  
412 New Kothal Kalan M  Kothal Kalan Mohindergarh Regd.  
413 Basirpur M Basirpur Mohindergarh Regd.  
414 Kalwari M Kalwari Mohindergarh Regd.  
415 Nayan M Nayan Mohindergarh Propose  
416 Thanwas M Thanwas Mohindergarh Propose  
417 Guwani M Guwani Mohindergarh Regd.  
418 New Dholera M  Dholera Mohindergarh Propose  
419 The Jadupur M  Jadupur Mohindergarh Regd.  
420 Dongra Ahir Ad Dongra Ahir Mohindergarh Propose  
421 New Silarpur Mahilla  Silarpur Mohindergarh Regd.  
422 New Gori Ruthal Mahilla  Gori Ruthal Mohindergarh Regd.  
423 Khariwada Mahilla Khariwada Mohindergarh Regd.  
424 New Kuravata Adrash Mahilla  Kuravata Mohindergarh Regd.  
425 Usmapur Dhani Mahilla Usmapur Dhani Mohindergarh Regd.  
426 Khatod Adrash Mahilla Khatod Mohindergarh Regd.  
427 Balawa Khurd Adrash Balawa Khurd Mohindergarh Regd.  
428 New Attali  Attali Mohindergarh Regd.  
429 Nooni Saluni Nooni Saluni Mohindergarh Propose  
430 Nangal Sirohi Mahilla Nangal Sirohi Mohindergarh Regd.  
431 Silar Pur  Mahilla Silar Pur  Mohindergarh Regd.  
432 Dhana Mahilla Dhana Mohindergarh Regd.  
433 Khatodra Mahilla Khatodra Mohindergarh Regd.  
434 Kutub Pur Mahila Kutub Pur Mohindergarh Regd.  
435 Kojinda Mahilla Kojinda Mohindergarh Regd.  
436 Nimb Eda Mahilla Nimb Eda Mohindergarh Regd.  
437 New Ram Bass  Ram Bass Mohindergarh Regd.  
438 Dhani Mohar Singh Mahilla Dhani Mohar Singh Mohindergarh Regd.  
439 God Mahilla God Mohindergarh Regd.  
440 Bhigova Bhigova Bhiwani Regd.  
441 Bigowa Mahilla Bigowa Bhiwani Regd.  
442 Kanheti Mahilla Kanheti Bhiwani Regd.  
443 Dhanasari Janta M Dhanasari Bhiwani Regd.  
444 Rudrol Ad Rudrol Bhiwani Regd.  
445 Imlotha Ad. Imlotha Bhiwani Regd.  
446 N Sarup Garh Sarup Garh Bhiwani Regd.  
447 Imlotha M Imlotha Bhiwani Regd.  
448 Sator Sator Bhiwani Regd.  
449 Morewala M Morewala Bhiwani Regd.  
450 Achina Achina Bhiwani Regd.  
451 Bighova Ad. Bighova Bhiwani Regd.  
452 Dokha Dina Mahilla Dokha Dina Bhiwani Regd.  
453 Dadma Bhupali M Dadma Bhupali Bhiwani Regd.  
454 Bond Khurd Mahilla Bond Khurd Bhiwani Regd.  
455 Karidass Mahilla Karidass Bhiwani Regd.  
456 New Jhanjda Hassanpur Mahilla  Jhanjda Hassanpur Bhiwani Regd.  
457 Chhapar Jogian Mahilla Chhapar Jogian Bhiwani Regd.  
458 Gignau Mahilla Gignau Bhiwani Regd.  
459 Kalali Mahilla Kalali Bhiwani Regd.  
460 Kalod Mahilla Kalod Bhiwani Regd.  
461 Sai Mahilla Sai Bhiwani Regd.  
462 Mehra Mahilla Mehra Bhiwani Regd.  
463 Chanana Mahilla Chanana Bhiwani Regd.  
464 Dhani Darya Pur Mahilla Dhani Darya Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
465 Chanana Adrash Mahilla Chanana Bhiwani Regd.  
466 Dhani Chahad Kalan Dhani Chahad Kalan Bhiwani Regd.  
467 Nimri Wali Mahilla Nimri Wali Bhiwani Regd.  
468 Ram Pura Mahilla Ram Pura Bhiwani Regd.  
469 Dhani Rohnat Mahilla Dhani Rohnat Bhiwani Regd.  
470 Dwarka Adrash Mahilla Dwarka Bhiwani Regd.  
471 Sipper Mahilla Sipper Bhiwani Regd.  
472 Singhani Mahilla Singhani Bhiwani Regd.  
473 Dan Gkalan  Adrash Mahilla Dan Gkalan  Bhiwani Regd.  
474 Mandhana Mandhana Bhiwani Regd.  
475 Kharkari Adresh Mahilla Kharkari Bhiwani Regd.  
476 Unn Unn Bhiwani Regd.  
477 Kundal Bass Mahilla Kundal Bass Bhiwani Regd.  
478 Dhani Mansukh Mahilla Dhani Mansukh Bhiwani Regd.  
479 Bidhnoi Adrash Mahilla Bidhnoi Adrash Bhiwani Regd.  
480 Bardu Chaina Mahilla Bardu Chaina Bhiwani Regd.  
481 Mandhan Mahilla Mandhan Bhiwani Regd.  
482 Mangal Bardu Mangal Bardu Bhiwani Regd.  
483 Dankora Adrash Mahilla Dankora Bhiwani Regd.  
484 Alumdin Pur Adrash Mahilla Alumdin Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
485 Jhanjhda Todha Jhanjhda Todha Bhiwani Regd.  
486 Dighawa Mahilla Dighawa Bhiwani Regd.  
487 Kadma Adrash Mahilla Kadma Bhiwani Regd.  
488 Chhpar Jogian Chhpar Jogian Bhiwani Regd.  
489 Damkora Mahilla Damkora Bhiwani Regd.  
490 Nauranga Bass Jattan Nauranga Bass Jattan Bhiwani Regd.  
491 Sai Adrash Mahilla Sai Bhiwani Regd.  
492 Chhpar Rangran Chhpar Rangran Bhiwani Regd.  
493 Garuva Garuva Bhiwani Regd.  
494 Bajina  Mahilla Bajina  Bhiwani Regd.  
495 Kadma Mahilla Kadma Bhiwani Regd.  
496 Bithan Mahilla Bithan Bhiwani Regd.  
497 Dhani Riwasa Ahir Mahilla Dhani Riwasa Ahir Bhiwani Regd.  
498 Dhani Sheoran Mahilla Dhani Sheoran Bhiwani Regd.  
499 Atela Khurd Mahilla Atela Khurd Bhiwani Regd.  
500 Dhanana Ad. M Dhanana Bhiwani Regd.  
501 Unn Janta Mahilla Unn Janta Bhiwani Regd.  
502 Gopi Gopi Bhiwani Regd.  
503 Kari Tokha Mahilla Kari Tokha Bhiwani Regd.  
504 Dhani Mahu Dhani Mahu Bhiwani Regd.  
505 Garan Pura Khurd Adrash Mahilla Garan Pura Khurd Bhiwani Regd.  
506 Sai Sai Bhiwani Regd.  
507 Chang Pana Bhut Chang Pana Bhut Bhiwani Regd.  
508 Barsi Gujran Adrash Barsi Gujran Bhiwani Regd.  
509 Chang Dhani Chang Dhani Bhiwani Regd.  
510 Tigrana Mahilla Tigrana Bhiwani Regd.  
511 Dhani Katwar Dhani Katwar Bhiwani Regd.  
512 Bass Chhpar Bass Chhpar Bhiwani Regd.  
513 Misri Misri Bhiwani Regd.  
514 Ratera Ratera Bhiwani Regd.  
515 Dhani Laxman Mahilla Dhani Laxman Bhiwani Regd.  
516 Dhani Mandroop Mahilla Dhani Mandroop Bhiwani Regd.  
517 Ram Pura Mahilla Ram Pura Bhiwani Regd.  
518 Gadwa Mahilla Gadwa Bhiwani Regd.  
519 Dhani Daya Chand Dhani Daya Chand Bhiwani Regd.  
520 Khera Khera Bhiwani Regd.  
521 Noloi Mahilla Noloi Bhiwani Regd.  
522 Dhani Ramjas Dhani Ramjas Bhiwani Regd.  
523 Rupana Mahilla Rupana Bhiwani Regd.  
524 Dhulkot Dhulkot Bhiwani Regd.  
525 Nunser Mahilla Nunser Bhiwani Regd.  
526 Saral Adrash Saral Bhiwani Regd.  
527 Salem Pur Salem Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
528 Talwandi Talwandi Bhiwani Regd.  
529 Harita Harita Bhiwani Regd.  
530 Burey Burey Bhiwani Regd.  
531 Dadam Mahilla Dadam Bhiwani Regd.  
532 Dhani Saral M Dhani Saral Bhiwani Regd.  
533 Saral Janta Saral Bhiwani Regd.  
534 Gadhwa Gadhwa Bhiwani Regd.  
535 Jeet Pur Mahilla Jeet Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
536 Mandoli Kalan Mandoli Kalan Bhiwani Regd.  
537 Jamalpur Jamalpur Bhiwani Regd.  
538 Lilas Lilas Bhiwani Regd.  
539 Fartria Mahilla Milk Prod.Society Fartria Bhiwani Regd.  
540 Mohila Ad D Mohila Bhiwani Regd.  
541 Bakhtawar Pura   M Bakhtawar Pura  Bhiwani Regd.  
542 Behal Ad Behal Bhiwani Regd.  
543 Bohal Bohal Bhiwani Regd.  
544 Dhani Lakhlane Bahal Dhani Lakhlane Bahal Bhiwani Regd.  
545 M/S Utsak Dairy Pvt.Ltd. Saha . Saha Bhiwani Farm  
546 Pandwan M Pandwan Bhiwani Regd.  
547 Gujrani Ad Gujrani Bhiwani Regd.  
548 Sheoran Dairy Farm Tosham Bhiwani Regd.  
549 Dhana Narshan Dhana Narshan Bhiwani Regd.  
550 Sipper Ad M Sipper Bhiwani Regd.  
551 Siwani M Siwani Bhiwani Regd.  
552 Maan Dairy Farm Bhiwani Bhiwani Farm  
553 Ram Dairy Farm Bhiwani Bhiwani Farm  
554 Dhani Dang Kalan Dhani Dang Kalan Bhiwani Regd.  
555 Sangwan M Sangwan Bhiwani Regd.  
556 Azampur Azampur Bhiwani Regd.  
557 Dhani Dola Dhani Dola Bhiwani Regd.  
558 Sukhdev Singh Ka Bass Sukhdev Singh Ka Bass Bhiwani Regd.  
559 Dhab Dhani Dhab Dhani Bhiwani Regd.  
560 New Mansarwas M  Mansarwas Bhiwani Regd.  
561 Indiwali M Indiwali Bhiwani Regd.  
562 Lalawas M Lalawas Bhiwani Regd.  
563 Kishanpura M Kishanpura Bhiwani Regd.  
564 Khorara M Khorara Bhiwani Regd.  
565 Goripur Sangwan Pana Goripur Bhiwani Regd.  
566 Obra Ad Obra Bhiwani Regd.  
567 Sahlewala Ad Sahlewala Bhiwani Regd.  
568 Modren Dairy Farm Bhiwani Bhiwani Farm  
569 Shannu Bal Gopal Dairy Farm Bhiwani Bhiwani Farm  
570 Bhagvi Bhagvi Bhiwani Regd.  
571 Ranilla Ad. Ranilla Bhiwani Regd.  
572 Mitathal Mitathal Bhiwani Regd.  
573 Kheri Doulatpur Kheri Doulatpur Bhiwani Regd.  
574 Pur Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
575 Tigri Tigri Bhiwani Regd.  
576 Dhanana H Dhanana Bhiwani Regd.  
577 Dhanana Bwn Dhanana Bhiwani Regd.  
578 Bhurtana M Bhurtana Bhiwani Regd.  
579 Tallu Tallu Bhiwani Regd.  
580 Rohnat Rohnat Bhiwani Regd.  
581 Barsi Gujran Barsi Gujran Bhiwani Regd.  
582 Durjan Pur Ad. Durjan Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
583 Milkpur Milkpur Bhiwani Regd.  
584 Barsi Barsi Bhiwani Regd.  
585 Luhari Jatu Luhari Jatu Bhiwani Regd.  
586 Bwani Khera Bwani Khera Bhiwani Regd.  
587 Baliyali Ad Baliyali Bhiwani Regd.  
588 Luhari Jatu Ad. Luhari Jatu Bhiwani Regd.  
589 Bhurtana Bhurtana Bhiwani Regd.  
590 Riwasa Riwasa Bhiwani Regd.  
591 Bohal M Bohal Bhiwani Regd.  
592 Kalinga Ad M Kalinga Bhiwani Regd.  
593 Chhapir M Chhapir Bhiwani Regd.  
594 Kalinga Kalinga Bhiwani Regd.  
595 Jatu Luhari M Jatu Luhari Bhiwani Regd.  
596 Jhinjhar (M) Jhinjhar Bhiwani Regd.  
597 Kalinga Ad Kalinga Bhiwani Regd.  
598 Gudana Mahilla Gudana Bhiwani Regd.  
599 Kitlana Ad Kitlana Bhiwani Regd.  
600 Mankawas Mankawas Bhiwani Regd.  
601 Nimriwali Nimriwali Bhiwani Regd.  
602 Pandwan Pandwan Bhiwani Regd.  
603 Kanhra Kanhra Bhiwani Regd.  
604 Gudana Gudana Bhiwani Regd.  
605 Nihal Garh Nihal Garh Bhiwani Regd.  
606 Kubja Nagar M Kubja Nagar Bhiwani Regd.  
607 Barsi Dhani Barsi Dhani Bhiwani Regd.  
608 Jui Khurd Jui Khurd Bhiwani Regd.  
609 Manfra (M) Manfra Bhiwani Regd.  
610 Shyarpur Mahilla Shyarpur Bhiwani Regd.  
611 Sidhnwa M Sidhnwa Bhiwani Regd.  
612 Saihar Pur Gujran Saihar Pur Gujran Bhiwani Regd.  
613 Dhoka Hariya Dhoka Hariya Bhiwani Regd.  
614 Jatu Luhari Pada Jatu Luhari Pada Bhiwani Regd.  
615 Dhoki Dhoki Bhiwani Regd.  
616 Goripur Goripur Bhiwani Regd.  
617 Barsi Jattain Barsi Jattain Bhiwani Regd.  
618 Manfra Ad M Manfra Bhiwani Regd.  
619 Amirwas (M) Amirwas Bhiwani Regd.  
620 Jamalpur Baliyali M Jamalpur Baliyali Bhiwani Regd.  
621 Durjan Pur M Durjan Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
622 Sahlewal Sahlewal Bhiwani Regd.  
623 Tiwala Tiwala Bhiwani Regd.  
624 Kharkari (M) Kharkari Bhiwani Regd.  
625 Gopi M Gopi Bhiwani Regd.  
626 Bardu Chhana Bardu Chhana Bhiwani Regd.  
627 Talwani Talwani Bhiwani Regd.  
628 Busan M Busan Bhiwani Regd.  
629 Kharkhri Kharkhri Bhiwani Regd.  
630 Bhadra Bhadra Bhiwani Regd.  
631 Ishwarwal Ishwarwal Bhiwani Regd.  
632 Damkora Damkora Bhiwani Regd.  
633 Roda  Ad.(M) Roda  Bhiwani Regd.  
634 Golpura Golpura Bhiwani Regd.  
635 Gothra Gothra Bhiwani Regd.  
636 Talu Mahilla Talu Bhiwani Regd.  
637 Guskani Mahilla Guskani Bhiwani Regd.  
638 Alakpura Adrash Mahilla Alakpura Bhiwani Regd.  
639 Sham Kalan Mahilla Sham Kalan Bhiwani Regd.  
640 Gudda Mahilla Gudda Bhiwani Regd.  
641 New Nangal Mahilla Nangal Bhiwani Regd.  
642 Baganwala Mahilla Baganwala Bhiwani Regd.  
643 Bardu Puran Mahilla Bardu Puran Bhiwani Regd.  
644 Jatu Luhari Adrash Mahilla Jatu Luhari Bhiwani Regd.  
645 Bhaini Mahilla Bhaini Bhiwani Regd.  
646 Alaudinpur Mahilla Alaudinpur Bhiwani Regd.  
647 Siwara Mahilla Siwara Bhiwani Regd.  
648 Unn Adrash Mahilla Unn Bhiwani Regd.  
649 Jhojhu Kalan Adarsh Mahilla Jhojhu Kalan Bhiwani Regd.  
650 Garanpura Kalan Mahilla Garanpura Kalan Bhiwani Regd.  
651 Patwan Mahilla Patwan Bhiwani Regd.  
652 Chaher Kalan Adrash Mahilla Chaher Kalan Bhiwani Regd.  
653 Chandeni Mahilla Chandeni Bhiwani Regd.  
654 Dhani Katwar Mahilla Dhani Katwar Bhiwani Regd.  
655 Katwar Mahilla Katwar Bhiwani Regd.  
656 Pur Mahilla Pur Bhiwani Regd.  
657 Bairan Adrash Mahilla Bairan Bhiwani Regd.