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Milk Unions

The Primary Milk Societies (PMS) functioning at the village level join to form a Milk Union for carrying out such activities which are conducive and essential for the socio-economic development of milk producers, by procuring and processing of milk and marketing of milk products. The Board of Directors comprising 9 members elected out of the Chairmen of affiliated Primary Milk Societies run the day-to-day administration through Chief Executive Officer.

These Unions either process milk at their own level or pass the same to the milk plants of other milk unions for processing. They also organize new Primary Milk Societies at the village level. A brief matrix of the Milk Unions is as follows:
Sr. No. Name of the Union Date of Registration
1. The Ambala District Co-operative Milk Producer Union Ltd.,Ambala 10.03.1973
2. The Rohtak District Co-operative Milk Producer Union Ltd.,Rohtak 01.04.2003
3. The Hisar-Jind  Co-operative Milk Producer Union Ltd,Jind 10.07.1991
4. The Kurukshetra-Karnal  Co-operative Milk Producer Union Ltd.,Kurukshetra 05.07.1991
5. The Sirsa District Co-operative Milk Producer Union,Sirsa 10.01.1978
6 The Ballabgarh  Co-operative Milk Producer Union,Ballabgarh 01.04.2003