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Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.

Bay No. 21-22, Sector-2,
Sahkarita Bhawan, Panchkula.
Haryana, India
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Monthly remuneration received by officers and employees
FPL denotes functional pay levels DL denotes level perscribed for class IV employees
Sr No. Name of Post Scales of Pay
1 Chairman As per Govt.
2 MD As per Govt.
3 CAO As per Govt.
4 CGM FLP-12
5 GM FLP-11
6 Xen FLP-11
7 AE FLP-9
9 Manager FLP-7
10 AM FLP-6
11 EA FLP-6
12 Clerk FLP-2
13 Driver FLP-4
14 Peon DL