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Haryana Dairy Development Co-Operative Federation Ltd.

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The Primary Milk Society is the foundation of the Cooperative structure. The efficiency of the movement solely lies in the strength of these Societies. Primary Milk Societies are organised at the rate of one society per village. The purpose of such a society is to promote the economic interests of its members by improving quality, and increasing quantity of milk production per buffalo or cow and to provide necessary guidance and assistance to its members and supply milk to the Milk Unions. These societies also supply cattle feed etc. to their members with a view to enhaning milk production. The Managing Committee of the Society comprises members elected by those members who are eligible to participate and vote in the General Body Meeting.


 Functional Societies  (Avg.)
Year Nos.
2000-01 2710
2001-02 2885
2002-03 3166
2003-04 3350
2004-05 3906
2005-06 4127
2006-07 5028
2007-08 5980
2008-09 6167
2009-10 5194
2010-11 4728
2011-12 4160
2012-13 3395
2013-14 3230
2014-15 3239
2015-16 3202
2016-17 3393